October 27 - Campaign Update

AUSS launches campaigns to fight gun crime

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Fighting to Reduce Crime Across America

Americans United for Safe Streets is a non-partisan, tax-exempt organization that is working to educate the public and elected leaders about the need for targeted investment and smart policies to reduce violent crime across the country. Through education and advocacy campaigns, Americans United for Safe Streets is holding Washington accountable for reducing crime in every community across America, from big cities to small towns.

After years of decline in the 1990's, in the past few years crime again has been on the rise across America. Since 2004, the FBI reported 3.5% rise in violent crime. To reverse this alarming trend, Americans United for Safe Streets supports a three-pronged approach to fighting crime:

  • Resources for Local Law Enforcement

    Keeping police on the streets takes resources, and too often there has been a lack of support from the federal government. Americans United for Safe Streets supports funding for putting more police on the streets and effective data-sharing to make sure police in every community have the information they need to catch criminals.
  • 21st Century-Crime Fighting

    With advances in DNA research, ballistics, geo-location, and other emerging technologies, law enforcement have a wealth of new crime-fighting tools they can use to keep their communities safe. Americans United for Safe Streets supports the deployment of advanced technologies to identify the perpetrators of crimes, convict the guilty and exonerate the innocent.
  • Combating Illegal Guns

    Every year, 12,000 Americans are gunned down by criminals, and most of those criminals were illegally carrying guns before they fired a fatal shot. Americans United for Safe Streets supports the Second Amendment right of law-abiding Americans and supports vigorous enforcement and effective background checks to keep guns out of the hands of criminals.

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